with Amy Dowden
With real time dance workouts, with Amy guiding you along the way, teaching you the steps and motivating you from start to finish, along with dance conditioning workouts and a stretching guide, demonstrated to you by Amy, to help you reach your goals, you’ll feel fitter, healthier and full of energy. 

‘Everyone has a different reason for working out. For me I do it to stay fit and in shape and also because dancing makes me feel so alive. After every dance or workout I do, I instantly feel full of electric energy and my mind is so much more positive.

I love that dancing can be done anywhere at any time and you can fit it around all other life commitments... and because you're focused on the music and the moves you don't even realise you're having an amazing workout and challenging your body. I absolutely love my plan and I know you will too.’

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A Personal Note From Amy...
Dance has always had such a positive impact on my life. It makes me feel alive, I get lost in the music and just let my body move, it helps me forget all my worries and as a bonus keeps me in great shape.

Dancing lets you express yourself in ways that many other forms of exercise don't, it allows you to escape and just be in the moment..for me it ticks all the fitness boxes. 

Dancing can seem quite daunting at first ,especially if you've never done it before, but in this plan I’ll be there to teach you all the steps and you can do it in the comfort of your own home, so you really can dance like nobody's watching...and before you know you’ll find you’re so much fitter, toned and confident. Plus and dancing ability will grow quicker than you’d imagine!

I’ve worked with award winning personal trainer Katie Bulmer-Cooke to bring this plan to life, it brings together everything I love about dance paired with the perfect combination of fitness-based workouts to get you feeling fit and looking even fitter! 

I can’t wait for you to experience the massive variety of dance styles in this plan, you’ll feel alive, fit, healthy and more confident as the weeks progress, and just as I did, I know you’ll fall in love with dance. 
The Plan Includes
- 4 x Week dance and fitness plan
- 6 x Real time dance workouts with Amy
- 2 x dance-specific, body-weight conditioning workouts to help you get fitter and stronger
- 1 x Cool Down
- 1 x Stretching guide
- Advice on how to set your goals and track your progress
- 12 x Healthy recipes
- 1 x Downloadable guide
- Nutrition Guidance to help you fuel your workouts
- Weekly Workout Planner 
What Do You Actually Get?
Get Fit and Sparkle
with Amy Dowden
  • 4 week dance and fitness plan Download & Keep Forever
  • ​6 x real time dance workouts with Amy Unlock & Access
  • ​2 x dance-specific, body-weight conditioning workouts Unlock & Access
  • ​A cool down Unlock & Access
  • ​A stretching guide Download & Keep Forever
  • ​Advice on how to set your goals and track your progress Download & Keep Forever
  • ​12 x healthy recipes Unlock & Access
  • 1 x Downloadable Guide Download & Keep Forever
  • ​Nutrition Guidance to help you fuel your workouts Unlock & Access
  • ​Weekly Workout Planner Download & Keep Forever
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